Option List - UI Control

Always check each date to ensure validity

Control formatting of the calbox grid box

Control formatting of the calbox Date Text

Icon for the NEXT month on the calendar control

Hide next/previous months in calendar

Icon for the PREVIOUS month on the calendar control

Show Day Labels

Show ISO Week numbers

Show month and year pickers

Show +/- Month buttons with month and year pickers

Preset day select

Weekday to select for calWeekMode

Year picker upper limit

Year picker lower limit

Year picker - is the year relative to the selected year?

Button to jump to today closes control on click

Button to jump to tomorrow closes control on click

Height of rollers

After-calculation of "lens" for flip modes

When button held, continue counting

Allow rollover of each date element

Length of sliders (1/2 of slider)

Show a button to cancel the Input control

Show a button to clear the Input

Collapse multiple control buttons.

Use a toolbar header for the control

Update the Input Element on every control change

Use velocity / kinetic scrolling with the flip variants.

The current active langauge / locale

Show button to set the date

Show button to jump to today

Show button to jump to tomorrow