Control formatting of the calbox grid box

This option allows you to define a custom function that is called on the generated calbox grid box of each date.

It provides a jQuery object, it expects you to return a jQuery object.

The provided object (in a single argument), is the generated, complete jQuery object for the date box, which also has the following data pre-defined:

	date: ##, // Numeric Date
	enabled: true, // Date can be selected
	month: ##, // Numeric Month, zero based

Example function:

window.printData = function( myObject ) {
	console.log( );
	return myObject;

Then, to link it to datebox, it could be as easy as:

<input type="text" data-role="datebox" data-datebox-mode="calbox" data-datebox-calBeforeAppendFunc="printData">

Dynamically changing the function:

Admittedly, the function below is probably even more useless than the first one, but it demonstrates the principle:

$('#datebox_input_element').datebox({ 'calBeforeAppendFunc': function( myObject ) { return myObject; } });

Data Type Expected


Default Vaule

function (t) { return t; }

Option is Dynamic Post Initialization


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