Display Mode Options

This page is intended to give you all of the associated options for each open mode.

General Options

There are a few “every mode” options available - they will seem familiar from the base jQM.

Bootstrap Options

By default, the display of bootstrap is responsive, it will roll down from the input on large displays, and show in a modal for small displays.

Take a look at these options:

For reference, the modal option will override the dropdown

jQM Built-In Popup

The jQM Builtin Popup has a few more options. They are:

Leaving popup position set to false will center the popup over the input if it has a named id, otherwise it will center in the window.

You must set it to ‘origin’ to use the X/Y coordinates (or rather, should you supply X/Y coordinates, it will auto-set to ‘origin’)

Inline, and Inline-Blind

At this time, these modes have no additional options associated with them - see next page for somewhat associated options though.