Option List - Localization

Text for other dates dropdown

Header format for calendar mode

Day of week to start calendar on

Clear Input Element button label

Field order for date entry

Format for returned date

Field order for datetime entry

Format for returned datetime

Days of the week

Abbreviated days of the week

Name of day/days for duration

Format for returned duration

Labels for duration elements

Field order for duration entry

Format for header if used

Language runs Right-to-Left

Name of meridiems, if used

Months of the year

Abbreviated months of the year

Mouseover tooltip for next month button

Mouseover tooltip for prev month button

Set Date Button Label

Set Duration Button Label

Set Time Button Label

Field order for slide mode

Field order for time entry

Format for clock

Format for returned time

Date modes fallback header label

Time modes fallback header label

Jump to today button Label

Text for "tommorrow" button

Mouseover tooltip for open button

Use Arabic/Indic numerals