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This site lists all of the little things that I have written that might be useful to others

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A date and time picker

DateBox is a CSS framework agnostic plugin that aims to make user interaction with dates and times simple and intuitive. It is a collaborative work, with a full range of features allowing easy implementation, and painless extensibility. New to version 4 is the inclusion of Bootstrap and jQueryUI operation, along with a new build system that makes adding the framework of your choice as easy as possible.

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Web based budget and payroll tracker

TDTrac is a web based show budget and payroll hours tracker, built by a Technical Director, for other TD's, freelance designers, and anyone else who finds it useful. TDTrac is completely free, released as open source. Built on CakePHP

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NodeJS I/O Buffer

Escape code aware (ANSI) chunked input/output buffer (BBS like - for telnet)

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A collection of windowing plugins

This is a collection of windowing tools for jquerymobile. It has not been maintained in some time, but they likely still work.

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A simple number input spinner enhancment

Unmaintained, former project. Still works.

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